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Groupwise Inc. Commitment to Customer Service

Resort property owners looking to find relief from the maintenance fees and other costs that arise from their timeshares can turn to Groupwise Inc. Created in 1995 by resort industry experts, Groupwise Inc. relies on financially sound business principles to acquire unwanted or unused timeshare properties.

A hallmark of Groupwise Inc. is its commitment to customer service. The company’s representatives are knowledgeable and compassionate, and arrange the title transfer and closing to eliminate stress for their clients. Operating on a model of “real, simple solutions,” Groupwise Inc. has assisted thousands of timeshare owners, and continues to attract hundreds of new clients. Groupwise Inc. is not a listing or resale company, but maintains strong relationships with other leaders in the resort property industry that enable it to provide quick, hassle-free resolutions and completely eliminate a timeshare owner’s financial obligations.

For more information, call Groupwise Inc. at (877) 981-6120. At the company’s website, GroupwiseInc.com, interested parties can also submit a contact form.


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